Classic Welding, Inc. 

Delivering innovative solutions and quality products since 1998.

Innovative Solutions

Our innovative machining and tooling expertise provides custom solutions that meet all of our client’s needs with the highest quality craftsmanship. No challenge is too great for our welders and engineers.


Quality Products

Tired of dealing with quality issues and cold welds? We have proudly built our reputation by offering solutions and quality products that stand up to even the most rigorous tests and specifications. To us quality isn’t just a guarantee, it’s our livelihood.

Our Services

We are a family owned and operated business with more than 30 years of experience in welding technology and welding assembly.

In addition to mig, projection, and spot welding we offer in-house design and machining capabilities for building non-standard welding fixtures. Our machine capacity and flexible production schedules ensure we can meet any of our customers’ needs.